About Us


About Us

Pot Pot Yum Yum Indian Delivery delivers pots & potlis of Chaats, North Indian and Coastal fare. Our fresh flavourful food is prepared using organic and locally sourced ingredients.

We deliver yum yum delights from our innovative menu in terracotta and glass pots protected in our unique multilayer sustainable packaging.

Pot Pot celebrates the various kinds of sustainable pots found in Indian households and the process of making, packaging, delivering, serving and ultimately, feasting on the food.

The concept of Pot Pot emanates from the cooking pots which are the vessels the food is cooked in to the serving pots - our terracotta and glass pots. From the potlis in which our chaat is packaged to the pottery which is the art used to make our terracotta pots. Then the potholes the delivery riders go through while delivering the food to finally, the families feasting together over a potluck of delicious food!

Sustainability is at the core of Pot Pot. We have ensured that our packaging is easy to recycle and upcycle, from our glass and terracotta pots to our paper bags and cardboard boxes. This was no easy feat. We spent months developing our packaging.

Our packaging is as interesting as our diverse, distinguished and eclectic menu. All elements of our packaging are locally sourced. Everything was carefully curated and designed with a sustainability first approach.

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